For Repair, Conversion and New Building Shipyards

Average softwares have no understanding of the legal implications, no insight of serving the user -as the software uses the user where it should have been vice-versa, and they leave all thinking to the capacity of the users. Moreover, they are not adjustable at all.

Highly Customisable 16 Modules

For all your shipyards needs

Modular structure of viaShipyard offers customized modules and functions as per your needs.


Global shipbuilding market forces competitors to improve themselves. Shipbuilders are required to take control of every single inside or outside information and use it correctly to maximize profits. viaShipyard provides an integrated system between the departments of your firm, leaving no place for mistakes.
viaShipyard excels at providing only what is needed. Correct information required to be communicated will be in the service of the correct correspondent in your firm.


Instead of independent various softwares, viaShipyard will provide you an integrated system to produce an impeccable work.
viaShipyard merges an extensive control system with a simple management. The management costs of your firm is guaranteed to decrease gradually.


Increase your efficiency

Save time

Excel your planning

Access no matter when

Cloud servers provide global access

Everything for your own needs

Flexible interface for the use of your shipyard

Connection between your departments

Constant communication via integrated system

Easy to use

Best offer, perfect ship

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