Turkey possesses a unique labor force and know-how in shipbuilding. However, Turkish shipyards that cannot provide accurate information on costs and valuate reasonable offers are precluded from entering the international shipbuilding market. On the other hand, South Korean and Chinese shipyards have applied up to date technological tools and built a respected management system to decrease costs and became the world leaders in shipbuilding. Competitive pricing is a must to become a world known shipyard. The failure of embracing up to date technology is a problem and viaShipyard was founded to tackle this problem.

Shipyards are currently using independent software or tools like MS Office to fulfill their needs. These software that have no connection between each other are simply close to useless compared to what an integrated software can achieve. They have no understanding of the legal implications, no insight of serving the user because the software uses the user where it should have been vice-versa.

In light of this absence of a well-integrated software, our firm has developed Project viaShipyard with the funding of the government. viaShipyard is a software developed by software engineers and shipbuilders. Without a second thought, viaShipyard is a software made by shipbuilders solely for the use of shipbuilders. A shipyard in the Marmara region was selected to grow in a symbiotic manner with viaShipyard. Other shipyards followed, as their executives were impressed by the improvements provided by viaShipyard. The software has proven its success, as the number of users have grown exponentially since its launch in 2011.

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