There is an extensive CRM module within this module. All information regarding the ship-owners is controlled in this module. A vessel card that contains a variety of information is created such as vessel type, flag, IMO, owner, ISM manager, dimensions (LOA, depth, breadth, deadweight, gross-tonnage, shaft type, governor type, main engine and auxiliary engine information, etc.). The card contains more than a hundred fields of information that can be adjusted throughout the life term of the vessel.

Standard list, work orders and categories are created and managed. Quotations can be imported and exported to office software. All previous quotations, projects and their job orders with the price list can be searched. Vessel operations and dock availability are also maintained and shared with other departments among other vital information

All quotations are tracked on another list where the estimators can get involved and may input prices to jobs. The offer's deadline is planned according to all information regarding dock convenience and berth. Once a quotation is approved, it is passed to the planning department.

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