Received materials and equipment, regardless whether for stock or for a project, are handled with the appropriate PO and added to stock. Integrated barcoding system assures that the materials received are stored and kept for their projects to be later picked up by contractors or workers. To take out materials from warehouse, a project and a work order form must be filled. ID cards can be used to take out materials, so that the system knows for sure what the user can pick up. If there are materials listed on a work order, then only those materials can be taken out.

This module is integrated with all other modules, and produced reports can be viewed from all modules. Materials in the project and the stock costs can be calculated with either FIFO, LIFO or the average cost system. There is an integrated stock count system which can be done with barcodes. All processes regarding waybills, goods-in goods-out info are also within this module.

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